Tucker Carlson broke Fox News Twitter blackout that was ordered for him to post a statement about assault allegations


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  • Tucker Carlson appeared to break a
    Fox News Twitter blackout
    to defend himself from assault
  • The
    Twitter blackout
    was reportedly instituted as a form of
    protest against Twitter’s response to tweets containing
    Carlson’s address.
  • On Saturday,
    Juan Manuel Granados
    accused Carlson of assaulting him at a
    country club in Virginia.

Fox News has instituted a
Twitter blackout
across the company,
in response to threats to host Tucker Carlson, but
apparently the blackout doesn’t apply to Carlson himself.

Despite orders
to the entire company instructing employees not to
tweet, previously reported by Business Insider, Carlson took
to Twitter
Sunday evening to defend himself against blowout
allegations of assault from Michael Avenatti’s new client
Juan Manuel Granados.

Breaking the blackout, Carlson wrote, “Last month one of my
children was attacked by a stranger at dinner. For her sake, I
was hoping to keep the incident private. It’s now being
politicized by the Left. Here’s what happened.”

Attached to the post was a lengthy statement providing
Tucker Carlson’s own account of a dispute at Farmington Country
Club in Charlottesville, Virginia. Carlson denied personally
assaulting Granados.

Breaking a blackout made for him

Carlson’s tweet notably went against a documented Twitter
blackout that has been in place at the network for multiple days,
reportedly ordered because Carlson’s own address was

In the email
obtained by Business Insider
, Fox News managing editor Greg
Wilson told the entire digital team, approximately 140 people, to
“please refrain from tweeting out our content from either section
accounts or your own accounts until further notice.”

A Fox News source cited by a Tribune Media’s Scott
Gustin reportedly said
the decision came from “the highest level” of the
company and was a form of protest against Twitter’s response
to tweets containing Carlson’s address. Gustin said that it’s
believed that Twitter advised Fox News to submit ticket request
rather than immediately deleting tweets with Carlson’s address.

A Fox News source told
[This] is a conscious decision in light of
what was done to Tucker.”

On Wednesday, a group of approximately 20 protesters from
Smash Racism DC reportedly showed up at Carlson’s home after his
address was leaked on Twitter. According to a
report from The Washington Post
, protesters blew
bull-horns, carried signs with Carlson’s address, and mentioned
wanting to “bring a pipe bomb” to the house. 

Until Sunday, November 11, the last time Tucker Carlson or
Fox News had tweeted was November 8. As of Sunday, @FoxNews still
remained silent.

Playing defense

The Sunday tweet came as a response to Carlson’s other
major controversy from the weekend — assault allegations brought
forth by Michael Avenatti’s latest client
Juan Manuel Granados

On Saturday, Avenatti tweeted video that appeared to show
Carlson screaming “get the fuck out” at another patron of a
Virginia country club. Avenatti claimed that “Carlson and/or
members of his inner circle” assaulted Granados. 

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The man accusing Tucker Carlson of assault previously filed a
successful discrimination suit against a Virginia health

In response to an inquiry from Business Insider Saturday,
Fox News sent the same statement that Carlson would eventually
post, where Carlson denied personally assaulting Granados.
Carlson claims that Granados called his daughter a “fucking
whore” among other slurs and that his own son then dumped a
glass of wine on Granados’ head. 

Since Carlson’s initial response, Granados published his own
lengthy response in which he denied any name calling and alleged
Carlson made threats of violence.

Granados said he planned to bring charges against Carlson, his
son, and another man present at the incident.