The OnePlus 6T’s gorgeous ‘Thunder Purple’ color is coming to North America and Europe

When OnePlus announced the OnePlus 6T, we were a little disappointed it only came in two colors – both sheens of black. But the company is known to announce new designs shortly after launch, and now it’s bringing a gorgeous ‘Thunder Purple‘ to North America and Europe.

The new colorway was first announced in China last week, leading many fans to hope it’d make its way west.  The color features a subtle gradient that fades from black to purple. Like some of the company’s other devices with a frosted-glass finish, a multi-layer design creates a cool ‘S-Curve’ effect as you move the phone around in the light.

The Phone will only be available in the 8GB+128GB configuration but mercifully costs the same $579 as the other black finishes. You’ll be able to purchase one starting 9AM ET on Thursday, November 15.

If you ask me, this is OnePlus’ best color yet, and one that doesn’t look too much like other phones on the market. That said, I’m still waiting for the day OnePlus makes a blue phone. A man can dream.

Published November 12, 2018 — 16:30 UTC


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