The 10 must-watch NBA draft prospects in Maui

There’s no collegiate tournament with more NBA draft intrigue than the 2018 Maui Invitational.

While it usually isn’t difficult to drag executives out to sunny Hawaii in mid-November, the 2,400-seat Lahaina Civic Center is expected to be lined with most NBA general managers and high-level decision-makers this season thanks to a star-studded field that features Duke, Gonzaga, Arizona, San Diego State, Iowa State, Xavier, Auburn and Illinois.

Seeing three consecutive games in an intimate setting will allow scouts to get an excellent feel for a variety of NBA draft prospects, ranging from known stars to potential breakouts.

What exactly will NBA scouts be looking for? Whom in particular should they get eyes on? Here’s a look at what to expect from Duke’s big three, along with one player from every other team.