New York Citys top tabloids have weighed in on Amazon HQ2 — and theyre leaning into the controversy

New Yorkers have had mixed
reactions to the HQ2 news.

New York
Daily News / New York Post

New Yorkers know that a news story is a big deal when both the
New York Daily News and the
New York Post slap it on their
front pages.

Such was the case Wednesday morning, when the two city tabloids
ran with Amazon HQ2 news as a front-page
story. Long Island City will
officially host one half of the tech giant’s new headquarters,
with the other half going to Arlington County, Virginia.

New York City
has offered Amazon $1.525 billion
in direct tax incentives,
based on the 25,000 jobs the company promised to fill in the
area, while Virginia has promised the company $573 million in

New Yorkers have had a mixed reaction to the news, with critics
voicing major concerns about the impact Amazon’s presence could have on the city.
Politicians like Gov. Andrew Cuomo — who had jokingly offered to change his name to
“Amazon” before the selection was announced — and mayor Bill de
Blasio celebrated the tech giant’s
announcement. Others, like US representative-elect Alexandria
Ocasio-Cortez, have blasted the move.

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Amazon as the state offers more than $1.5 billion for its

A number of the concerns and criticisms swirling about New York City seeped into the front
pages of the city’s daily tabloids.

To herald the news, the New York Post featured a depiction of
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos hanging out of a helicopter,
referencing the company’s
intention to establish a helipad
at its new base. On the
Post’s front page, a laughing Bezos hoists bags of money, with
some loose bills billowing over the city. The headline is “Queens

The New York Daily News opted for a more muted page one,
mimicking Amazon’s famous arrow logo below the headline “Amazon
Primed.” The New York Daily News also referenced Ocasio-Cortez’s
skepticism toward Amazon.

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