Meghan Markle fans defend Duchess on Instagram after racist abuse

Meghan Markle‘s fans have rushed to her defence after vile racist trolls targeted the official Kensington Palace Instagram page.

The Duchess was the subject of streams of abuse on the site, especially during her and Prince Harry’s tour of New Zealand.

Some posters appeared to make reference to the colour of the mum-to-be’s skin colour alongside a volley of other hateful slurs.

Kensington Palace refuses to say if it moderates the page or not, although many of the worst comments appeared to have been removed as of this evening.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex at a reception at the Auckland War Memorial Museum

Loyal fans have still been defending her on the site, complaining it had become a “cesspool” of hate.

After a video of Meghan at the Invictus Games was published, the comments section quickly became an argument between Meghan and the trolls – who hurled four-letter insults at the Duchess.

One defender pointed out: “She’s beautiful, successful, educated, rich and now she’s married to a real life prince.

Fans have been defending the Duchess

Instagram comments complained of racism from trolls

“These people – sadly, the vast majority are women – resent her for it, so they criticize and try to invalidate everything she does, everything she wears, everything she says, everything.

“For some, the fact that she’s biracial makes their resentment even worse, because many of her haters are racist. It’s sad I know, but it’s the truth.”

Another troll was told: “You’re racist, you’re full of hate because this woman is better than you.

Harry walks with wife Meghan

“She is better than you and better than anyone you consider perfect accepted, now I will not waste my time with you any more, live with hatred.”

Other foul-mouthed critics slammed the Duchess for her choice of clothes, curtsy and even the way she sat down, labelling her “trashy”.

One fan wrote in response: “All this vile hatred is ridiculous. William, Harry, Catherine and Meghan would never be a part of this foolishness.”

Meghan at the Remembrance Sunday service

Others pointed out the amount of criticism Meghan receives compared to the Duchess of Cambridge hinted at the real reason for the dislike.

One complained: “Meghan gets bashed so much and for the most absurd things, that I think people are just tired of hearing the latest reason why she doesn’t deserve to breathe.”

Kensington Palace refused to comment when approached by Mirror Online.

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