Man who didnt hit puberty until 19 is about to become a dad for first time

A man who didn’t go through puberty until the age of 19 due to a rare condition said becoming a first-time dad would be a “dream come true”.

Jared Gale spent years perplexed why his body did not develop as expected during his teens.

By the age of 18, he still looked like a 10-year-old and was bullied for years because of his lack of facial hair and high voice.

But finally in 2001 he was diagnosed with an unusual hormonal condition called Kallmann Syndrome.

Mr Gale was constantly bullied at school because he remained in the body of a 10-year-old even as his friends grew into adulthood


But after nine months of receiving hormone therapy and years of trying for a baby, Mr Gale and his wife of 15 years Jessica are now expecting twins this summer.

The 38-year-old, from Utah in America, said: “Finding out that Jessica was pregnant was the best thing ever, it was a miracle.

“We’re so ready, I feel like the last 15 years have been building up to this moment.

“It’s only early days yet but we couldn’t be happier.”

Mr Gale was so badly bullied for his unusual appearance as a teenager he avoided PE lessons because changing in front of his friends was so awkward.

But he had no idea his delayed puberty actually had a medical cause all along.

Jared was finally diagnosed with Kallmann Syndrome in 2001 after a chance visit to the doctor, who asked him to sniff a cup of coffee.

Mr Gale has Kallmann Syndrome, which stopped his body from properly going through puberty

Because of his high-pitched voice and lack of body hair, Mr Gale even stopped going to PE lessons because changing rooms were awkward


The condition means that sufferers have low levels of testosterone and also have a reduced sense of taste and smell.

“When I finally went to the doctor aged 19, he took one look at me and knew something was wrong,” he recalled.

“He sent me to another doctor and eventually I ended up at another doctor.

“The third and final put a cup of coffee under my nose and I couldn’t smell it when she put it there– that’s how I was diagnosed with Kallmann Syndrome.”

Mr Gale began an intensive course of hormone therapy and went through four years of puberty in only nine months.

His height also shot up by eight inches in the same period.

Now, the happy couple are celebrating the imminent arrival of their first children

Jared said: “Going through puberty so suddenly and quickly was shocking – I got angry, I grew and I had massive mood swings.

“I was 5’1 at the beginning and nine months later I was 5’10.”

After marrying Jessica in 2004 the couple were told they could never have children because Mr Gale’s condition meant his sperm count was too low.

But after medication and a cycle of IVF, the pair were told they had managed to conceive last September.

“It was an absolute miracle Jessica fell pregnant, as the odds were stacked against us,” Mr Gale said.

“Our future looks bright and we couldn’t be happier.”

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