KFC whistle blower leaks pictures from inside disgusting rodent infested kitchen


A former chicken shop worker has revealed the disgusting state of a KFC restaurant.

The disgruntled ex-employee of the takeaway in Wolseley Road, Plymouth took photos of the restaurant kitchen before walking out of the job.

The images show flour scattered over the kitchen and rubbish strewn across the floor, with what looks like mouse droppings scattered across sacks of flour and shelving, Plymouth Live reported.

The ex-worker, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “There’s a pest problem going on that they can’t sort out. Pest control have been in but the mice keep coming back.

The photos seem to show mouse droppings on the floor

“One morning I opened up the restaurant at 6am and I could see a mouse looking back at me through the window from inside.

“They are breaking procedure by opening when they know mice are around. Pest control is meant to be called in straight away and the restaurant shouldn’t open again until it has been cleared.

“[If] mice get into the flour [then] there is a high chance of contamination. I also saw them around the coffee machine and coffee cups which was worrying.”

It is not the first time the KFC has run into rodent issues.

At the beginning of February an unhappy customer complained that they had seen a mouse run across the floor.

Coffee cup lids can be seen strewn across the floor

“You can see the rat traps by the bins and s**t in the toilets,” they said at the time.

“My friend who works there told me about the traps by the bins and I have seen the droppings. A mouse literally ran across the floor in there not just a few days ago.”

When a Plymouth Live reporter went to investigate they found around 12 rat traps located around the outside of the restaurant.

Despite the apparent rodent problem the KFC was given a five-star food hygiene rating by the Food Standards Agency when it was inspected in July 2017.

Flour had been split on shelves

The former senior member of staff said: “From the outside it looks clean but when you go behind the surfaces it’s a different matter.

“The standards of cleanliness are so poor.”

While KFC did not respond to a request for comment regarding the photos, last month a spokesperson expressed surprise that the rat traps had been spotted.

Boxes embossed with the Colonel’s face looked soiled

They said: We were surprised to hear about this, so have since been working with our pest control contractor to take extra measures to help deal with an issue in the local area.

“This included altering the landscaping around the restaurant and traps. We see these as precautionary measures and there’s no wider issue with the restaurant itself, which is why we’re open for business as usual.”

Full details of the  Food Hygiene report can be found here.