ISIS Brit Osama bin Beiber executed by terror group for being western spy

A baby-faced British ISIS recruit who fled to Syria when he was 18 has been executed by the terror group, it is claimed.

Mohammed Ismail,  nicknamed Osama Bin Bieber, was reported missing in March 2014, after he travelled from Coventry to Syria to fight for Islamic State with two other young men- Ali Kalantar and Rashed Amani.

Amani was killed by a US drone strike and Kalantar died while fighting for the terror group in Iraq in 2015, it is believed.

Now Kurdish-born Ismail, who also went by the name Mohammed Hadi, has become the first person executed by the group as a spy, the Sunday Times reports.

It is believed he was killed after he gave away the movements of noted ISIS propagandist, Nasser Muthana, who was killed in a drone strike in former ISIS stronghold Mosul in 2016.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant propaganda photo showing masked militants firing weapons.

It is claimed Ismail, also known as Mohammed Adi, was executed


Muthana,  an aspiring doctor from Cardiff, had used money from his father meant for an Islamic seminar to fund his trip to Syria – three months before his brother, Aseel, 17, is thought to have joined him.

According to one account, Ismail – dubbed Osama Bin Bieber because of his baby face resembling the Canadian pop singer’s youthful appearance  – was killed in Raqqa and the execution was filmed.

A source told The Sunday Times: “They did have an interrogation with him. He confessed everything and then they killed him.”

It is thought to have been carried out in 2016.

Ismail was injured in an attack months after he arrived in Syria.

It is thought he then started talking to officers at the end of 2015 or in early 2016, via an intermediary.

ISIS filed leaked in 2016 revealed that Ismail and Kalantar and Amani who he travelled to Syria with, may have been radicalised in Coventry.

When the youngsters left Coventry in 2014, family members of Kalantar were concerned an imam, who runs a nearby madrassa (religious school), had “radicalised” the then 19-year-old while he was studying for his A-levels.

Ali Kalantar

Ismail is thought to have travelled to Syria with Kalantar

Rashid Amani

Amani was killed by a US drone strike


Relatives discovered two photos of Kalantar carrying out mock executions on a computer after the teenager had left for Syria.

They were taken at a place where they thought he was attending religious teachings,  reported the Telegraph.

At the time of their disappearance Kalantar’s sister – who did not want to be named – said: “One day he decided to go and was soon going to prayers five times a day.

“He changed, but we never dreamed he was being radicalised. The imam groomed him, that’s the word to describe it.

“Apparently he was constantly telling these boys that they should go overseas to fight jihad.”

The IS files appear to add weight to those claims.

Thousands of the  terror  group’s recruitment files were obtained by Sky News.

Ismail’s brother, Ahmed Ismail, was jailed in January 2017 for terrorism offences.

He planned to join Islamic State in Iraq but gold cold feet over fears his brother Mohammed was suspected of being a spy, the Coventry Telegraph reported.

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