Instagram model avoids prison after being caught kicking and stamping on dog

An Instagram model has avoided prison after she was caught on camera cornering her dog and kicking it and stamping on it in a vicious attack.

Keevonna Wilson, 26, was charged with animal cruelty after the brutal incident and accepted a plea deal.

Wilson agreed to serve four years of probation, pay a $600 (£460) fine and to write a letter to the court addressing the animal abuse, the Miami Herald reports .

She was granted a “withhold of adjudication” on the animal-cruelty charge, meaning she won’t technically be convicted of the crime, the Herald adds.

Wilson was about to take her Shih-Tzu puppy Chastity for a walk when they got into a lift at their block of flats.

As the lift door shut, Ms Wilson, then 24, could be seen launching an attack on the defenceless animal.

She repeatedly kicks the dog after trapping it in a corner, before the lift door opens and she walks out with the little dog racing behind to catch up.

Wilson has been granted a ‘withhold of adjudication’

Wilson agreed to a plea deal


The incident happened in Miami, Florida, in September 2017 and the Miami-Dade Animal Services removed Chastity.

Their veterinarian’s examination notes say Chastity was frightened at first, then became “friendly and easy to examine”.

However the dog had “contusions bilaterally in abdominal area, contusions bilaterally in pinnae, pain upon palpation of lumbar spine and abdomen”.

The dog was brutally kicked and stamped on

Wilson’s dog was put up for adoption


WPLG in Miami reported that Chastity was taken to a foster home.

Wilson’s defence lawyer, Robert Resnick, had said the woman was not trying to seriously injure the little dog, according to the Herald.

The model, who appears to have created a new Instagram account after her court appearance, addressed the animal cruelty in a post to followers.

She said: “First I would like to say I wholeheartedly apologise to anybody that was affected by my bad choices I made in September 2017.

“My actions [was] despicable and downright uncalled for. I was completely hurt by my choice that day. I should’ve never let my anger issues dictate how I would treat my own defenceless dog.

“I don’t want to make any excuse for my wrongs. I was completely out of line for my actions.

“Many nights I couldn’t sleep, many nights my eyes were filled with tears and many nights my heartache from the thought of my malicious actions. I took anger management classes on my own to help me deal with my internal issues.

“I took the classes because I wanted to deal with the root of why I reacted in such a horrible way.

“I’ve lost my best friend (my dog) because my anger issues. I’ll let this be a lesson to myself and others when it comes to anger issues. Get help before it’s too late and you do something horrible.

Wilson has apologised on Instagram


“I have to deal with my bad choices for the rest of my life. I wasn’t able to talk about the situation before because it was an open case but now it’s resolved and I can speak about my actions.

“I cannot change the past but what I can do is contribute towards making a positive difference in our society especially when it comes to animal cruelty.

“Once again I apologise to anyone who I affected in any way, I pray God helps and guides me through these rough times.

“I went through the system and paid legally for my wrongs now I will take it a step further and help dogs who experience abuse. Thank you guys have a blessed day.”

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