Inside Britains filthiest home with faeces blocking doors and cats found dead

Four dead cats were found in a disgusting property so filthy fleas were jumping at the front door and piles of faeces were blocking the back door.

Nicola Lissimore, from Wolverhampton, West Mids, pleaded guilty to two animal welfare offences when she appeared before Birmingham Magistrates’ Court on Friday.

She has been banned from keeping animals for life.

The 49-year-old lived in a filthy house and the court heard how the RSPCA were called to her address after concerns a number of cats were not being cared for.

On investigation, four cats were found dead and a further 10 were found in a poor bodily condition.

Lissimore had been living in abject squalor in her Wolverhampton home

Inspector Dawn Burrell went to the address and was unable to contact the owner but could see a number of emaciated cats through a window.

She could also see piles of faeces and rubbish in the house and could not find any signs that the cats had food and water.

The pets had no access to the outside and she could see fleas jumping up at the front door.

The RSPCA monitored property for a few days and believed no one was attending to the cats so, upon veterinary advice, entry was gained with the help of officers from West Midlands Police.

Inspector Burrell said once inside it was clear the cats were suffering from dehydration, were emaciated and had other untreated medical issues.

Faecas was blocking doorways and fleas were jumping at the front door

She said: “The police went to the back door and couldn’t push it in due to the amount of faeces behind it so we tried the front.

“This time a front panel went through and immediately the smell of ammonia hit us as we went inside – it was so strong we were physically gagging.

“We found four dead cats amongst the piles of faeces which was piled high, there was rubbish strewn around and the only water available in the property was from a bathroom tap which was left running but the door was closed so they couldn’t access it.

“This was one of the worst properties I have entered in my thirty years in the job.

One of the emaciated cats who managed to survive inside the property

The filthy kitchen with RSPCA officers saying the property was among the worst they had ever seen

“It was so sad to see these dead cats just left in the filth and the others were either emaciated or had other health problems which had not been addressed.”

The surviving cats were signed over into the care of the RSPCA and have now been rehabilitated.

Some have already found new homes and others are still waiting for adopters.

Lissimore was also given a 12-week jail term suspended for 18 months.

She will be be required to undertake a Rehabilitation Activity Requirement for 30 days and was ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work.

She was also ordered to pay £300 costs and a £115 victim surcharge.

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