california wildfireA firefighter in Magalia, California, attempts to contain the rapidly moving flames.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

At least 31 people are dead and thousands of homes have been destroyed in three dangerous wildfires that are burning across California.

The Camp Fire, in northern California, started on Thursday morning, killing at least 29 people and burning the entire town of Paradise, population 27,000.

Meanwhile, two smaller fires — The Woolsey and Hill fires — also started on Thursday to the south, and are burning through parts of Ventura and the outskirts of Los Angeles, shutting down stretches of the freeway. Another small fire broke out on Friday morning inside the city limits of Los Angeles.

You can see a map of the fires here.

So far there are two reported deaths from the southern California fires, and at least 150 homes have been burned, according to southern California officials. The numbers are expected to rise.

Among those properties threatened are a number of celebrity homes, and A-listers were among the 250,000 people in Ventura and Los Angeles counties who had already been evacuated as of Friday night.

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Here are all the celebrities who have evacuated their homes during the fires so far.