• This restaurant imports Italian home cooks to create classic comfort food dishes. 
  • The recipes are common in Italian households but aren’t usually found in restaurants at all.
  • The mammas also greet guests and take small bites around to give people a taste of real Italian home cooking and hospitality.


La Mia Mamma wants to bring real Italian home cooking to London. They’re importing Italian home cooks from all 20 regions of Italy to share their top comfort food dishes.

Every 3-4 months the restaurant will focus on a different region of the country, bringing in new mammas to cook. The cooking that happens in each region can be completely different. From the filled egg pasta of the north to the fresh vegetables and seafood of the southern provinces – every region has its speciality.

The mammas are front and centre in the restaurant. Throughout the evening the mammas will greet guests and offer small bites around to the guests. There’s even a seat available right next to them, so it really is just like having dinner at their house.

Produced by Charlie Floyd