A Breaking Bad movie is in the works


breaking bad


  • A “Breaking Bad” movie is in the works and the show’s
    creator, Vince Gilligan, is on board. 
  • The final episode of “Breaking Bad” aired in 2013 after five
    seasons of following the exploits of Walter White, a fictional
    high school chemistry professor who utilizes his science skills
    to make crystal meth. 
  • The projected feature film will be around two hours, though
    it remains unclear whether it will make its first appearance on
    TV or the big screen. 
  • It is also unclear if the movie’s plot will pick up right
    where the series ended up in 2013 or whether the story will be a
    prequel similar to AMC’s recent “Better Call Saul” series.

Breaking Bad” may have had its
finale in 2013,
but Variety has confirmed
that series creator Vince Gilligan is working on a new film with
ties to the beloved series.

Gilligan is working on a two-hour film, though whether it’s
destined for multiplexes or television is unclear.

Details are sparse, with no information on what shape the movie
would take — a prequel like “Better Call Saul” or something else
— or whether any of “Breaking Bad’s” stars
will return. The Albuquerque
 includes a logline stating the film
“tracks the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.”

The Journal also reports the title as “Greenbriar,” though
whether that’s the final title is in the air as well. Production
in the Duke City is scheduled to begin mid-November through early
February, according to the Journal.

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