Trader on June 24 2016Traders from BGC, a global brokerage company in London’s Canary Wharf financial centre react as European stock markets open early June 24, 2016 after Britain voted to leave the European Union in the EU BREXIT referendum.Reuters/Russell BoyceBrexit entered a chaotic new chapter on Thursday as a swathe of government ministers — including Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab — resigned in protest at the deal secured by Prime Minister Theresa May.

Raab’s resignation triggered a major fall in the pound, with UK-focused stocks following closely behind. Traders are bracing for a turbulent next few days, even weeks, in financial markets.

Investors and analysts across the City of London are scrambling to make sense of Thursday’s developments, especially the repercussions for the economy and UK assets.

Here’s what key figures in the City are saying. Check out their comments below: